Lake Manchar is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Sehwan Sharif on the west side of the River Indus, in the district of Dadu, Sindh. It is the largest shallow and freshwater lake in Pakistan and one of the biggest in Asia. Water in the lake is collected by small water streams in the Kirthar Mountains and empties into the River Indus. The total area of the lake varies between 350 square kilometers to 520 square kilometers with seasons.

The lake was constructed in 1930 when Sukhar Barrage was constructed on the River Indus. In 1932, flood bunds were constructed on its northeastern and northern boundaries. A natural source of fresh water of this kind is a main resource of water in an arid region.

Lake Manchar and surrounding areas are great spots for spending a holiday. People from near and far areas come to visit this lake and enjoy boating and fishing.

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