Islands of Pakistan

This is a list of islands of Pakistan.

Balochistan coast

Astola Island (also known as Haft Talar)
Malan Island – offshore volcanic mud island that appears, disappears and reappears
Zalzala Koh – a small island that emerged offshore Gwadar in 2013 during the 2013 Balochistan earthquakes

Sindh coast

Baba and Bhit Islands
Buddo Island
Bundal Island
Churna Island (also known as Charna)
Clifton Oyster Rocks – small islets
Khiprianwala Island
Manora (also known as Manoro)
Shams Pir
Dhari Island, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan[1]
Pimo Island (Tido) Karachi

Places in Islands of Pakistan

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