Sudhnati is one of the eight districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan. It comes under the Kashmir section which is part of the greater dispute between India and Pakistan. Sudhanoti was carved out of Poonch district in 1995. The total area of the district is 569 square kilometers, with a population of 214,000 in 1998. The district is divided into three tehsils these are

  • Pallandri
  • Mang
  • Trarkhel




The Sudhnoti district of Azad Kashmir is bounded by Rawalakot District in the north, Kotli in the south, and Pakistan in the west.


Places To See



Pallandri is a small town, situated in the Sudhnati District, in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It was the first capital of Azad Kashmir and is about 94 kilometers away from – the capital of Pakistan. Pallandri was a tehsil of Poonch District until the district was split into Poonch and Sudhnati.

Sometimes, the town’s new name of Sudhnuti is still used but most people use its old name Pallandri. Pallandri is now the capital of Sudhnutti District. It is at an elevation of 1372 meters and is at a distance of 97 kilometers from Rawalpindi via Azad Pattan, and is also connected with Rawalakot by 64 64-kilometer-long long metalled road.

Pallandri town has a hilly landscape and many historical forts. There is a PWD Rest House located at the hilltop, giving a wonderful view of the picturesque landscape and green mountains all around. All the basic facilities of life are available.

DC House


One of the most known important and historical buildings in Pallandri is The DC House. (Currently Occupied by Amjad Pervaiz Ali Khan(DC)It was built in 1915 by Maraja Poonch, the then ruler of the Poonch State in Pallandri, he chose to put it on the very top of the town so he could see the Million Dollar view. It is built entirely out of stone so during the 2005 earthquake it wasn’t harmed in any way whatsoever. It was known as Rani ka Bangla/dak bangla the Maraja and his wife/Rani used to stay here while on their way from Poonch to Rawalpindi. After the partition of India and Pakistan, in 1947, this Poonch state was also divided into two parts, one of them is in Jammu and Kashmir (Indian-held Kashmir) and the second part in the Azad Jammu and Kasmir (AJK). It was then converted into the DC House where the DC started to live and since that day, It was known as The DC House.



With an altitude of 1982 meters, Tararkhal is situated at a distance of 211 kilometers from Rawalpindi via Kohala and 129 kilometers via Azad Pattan. It is a nice small station for tourists. Here PWD Rest House provides Spartan accommodation facilities. Essential commodities of daily use are also available from local bazaar.



Aliabad is situated at an altitude of about 2134 meters and is at a distance of 50 kilometers from Pullandri and 112 kilometers from Rawalakot. This place is surrounded by thick, mixed forests of Deodar, blue pine and Fir.

Bus service is available both from Rawalakot to Abbasspur and from Rawalpindi to Kahuta. From Kahuta onwards journey by jeep is advisable.

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