• Germany offers a domestic market of 6.9 billion US remains the top exporter with 1.8 billion Japan with 725 million Switzerland 701 million Netherlands 375 million and the UK 360 million. Pakistan exported goods worth US$ 34 million and ranked 27th on the list of importers to Germany.
  • UK has a market of 3.37 billion with the USA the top exporter with 796 million, the Netherlands with 538 million Germany with 536 million Belgium with 343 million, and France with 225 million Pakistan exported worth US$ 24 million and ranked 17th
  • France’s market was 3.9 billion the major supplier was the USA with 921 million Germany with 555 million Belgium with 383 million Mexico with 269 million Switzerland with 226 million Pakistan ranked 32 with export of US$ 11 million.
  • Brazil had a domestic market of 1.1 billion. The top importers were the USA 468 million Germany 145 million China 100 million Japan 83 million Netherlands 43 million and Pakistan ranked 19th with an export of 8 million.
  • Uzbekistan: Pakistan exported worth 0.11 million however Uzbek market was 3.4 million and our competitors were South Korea = 1.5 million, the UK = 1 million, China = 0.34, and Russia = 0.11. Uzbek market due to its close location with Pakistan presents much potential for Pakistani exporters to promote the product.
  • The USA market is quite strong with 8 billion. However, there is demand in Asian countries of Russia, Lebanon, and Singapore whereas 19 million markets exist in Tunisia. Pakistan can consider promoting its exports in Russia which has a market of 377 million, Lebanon = 37 million, and Tunisia =19 million.
  • Pakistan exported worth US$ 1.2 million. Its markets were the USA, Germany, the UK, Hungary & Singapore. Amongst this category, Pakistan can focus on Hungary in East Europe which has a market of 162 million.
  • Pakistan exports were very nominal at US$ 0.05 million, major portion went to Germany.
  • Pakistan exported worth 1 million; the major five importing countries were Germany 330 million and Poland 180 million
  • Pakistan exported worth 2 million and Brazil was a major recipient with 0.824 million. The other important importing countries were Iran, Italy, and China. The analysis of the eight product groups of Surgical indicates that Pakistani major markets are either the USA or European countries however Asian and African countries particularly Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Russia, Iran, and China have vast potential further for this East European countries like Hungary and Poland are also potentials markets. Therefore diversification of markets is advisable for surgical exporters.
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