The population of Punjab is 110 Million and is expected to exceed more at the end of 2023. Punjab is considered the most developed, populous, and prosperous province of Pakistan having about 60% of the country's total population living in it. The population density in Punjab is 536 Persons per Km. Sq, with an Urban population of around 40 Million.

People of Punjab

The Punjabis (Punjabi: پنجابی), also spelled Panjabis, are a linguistic and geographical ethnic group of Indo-Aryan peoples, originating from the Punjab region, found in Pakistan.

Punjabi people are very warm-hearted and fun-loving. Punjabis are a heterogeneous group comprising different tribes, clans, and communities and are known to celebrate each and every tradition of their culture. The majority of the People of Punjab have strong beliefs in pir-faqeers, jogi, taweez, manat-ka-dhaga, saint of repute, black magic, and other superstitions, however recently due to an increase in literacy, people have become somewhat rational. (This is a popular opinion and your opinion may differ)

 Punjabians also believe in the caste system but as now people are getting educated, the differences are getting blurred. Some popular casts of Punjabi are; Jats, Maliks, Mughals, Arains, Gujjars, Awans, Rajputs, Gakhars, Khokhars, Sheikhs, Aheers, Kambohs, Niazis, Legharis, Khosas, Dogars, Thaheem, Mirani, Qureshis, and Syeds.

In villages’ people usually live in small communities (birdbrains), however, they live in peace and harmony with each other. They take an active part in the happiness/grief of each other and give a great deal of respect to their culture, and norms run their lives according to their set traditions. Punjabi people are famous for their hospitable and loving nature.

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