Pakistan Monument, Islamabad

Pakistan Monument located in Islamabad is conceived as the National Monument of Pakistan. The monument was constructed as a tribute to the people who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Pakistan. It represents the history, civilization, and culture of Pakistan and mainly focuses on historical events of the Pakistan Movement.

The murals on the petals of flower-shaped architecture feature Pakistan’s cultural heritage and historical events of the Pakistan Movement. Pakistan Monument was built by the Ministry of Culture. After the approval of the idea of a National Monument, the Ministry of Culture organized an all-Pakistan competition to design architecture around the theme representing Pakistan’s history, culture, and civilization, mainly focusing on Pakistan Movement. The foundation stone for the architecture was laid on 25 may 2004. Pakistan Monument was completed on 23 March 2007 with a total cost Rs. 580 million. The blooming flower shape of the structure represents Pakistan as a rapidly progressing country.



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