From NIC Islamabad to the Future of Travel & Tourism in Pakistan

As the founder of TrulyPakistan, I'm thrilled to share our journey from NIC Islamabad to our current endeavors. Our mission is to revolutionize travel in Pakistan, connecting travelers with authentic experiences through a comprehensive digital platform.

Our Beginning at NIC Islamabad

TrulyPakistan’s journey from NIC Islamabad to becoming a trailblazer in the travel-tech industry has been both exhilarating and transformative. As the founder, I can attest that NIC Islamabad provided the critical foundation we needed to develop our vision and drive it forward. The incubation program at NIC Islamabad was a turning point, offering us access to unparalleled resources, expert mentorship, and a collaborative environment that fostered innovation. It was here that we fine-tuned our ideas and built a robust platform designed to revolutionize Pakistan’s travel and tourism landscape. NIC Islamabad was more than just a starting point; it was a catalyst that propelled us into a realm of possibilities, enabling us to create a digital ecosystem that connects travelers with authentic Pakistani experiences. The support and guidance we received at NIC Islamabad equipped us to navigate the complexities of the travel industry, overcome initial challenges, and achieve significant milestones. This strong foundation has allowed us to focus on our mission to standardize and digitize the travel sector, making TrulyPakistan a trusted name in travel-tech and a leader in promoting Pakistan as a premier travel destination.

Innovative Features of TrulyPakistan

At TrulyPakistan, we harness the power of technology to offer unique travel experiences. Some of our standout features include:

  1. AI-Powered Travel Recommendations: Our AI algorithms personalize travel itineraries based on user preferences, ensuring a tailored and memorable journey for each traveler.
  2. Local Insights and Cultural Tips: We provide in-depth cultural insights and local tips to help travelers fully immerse themselves in Pakistan’s rich heritage.
  3. Seamless Payment Integration: Our platform offers secure and convenient payment options, making transactions smooth and hassle-free.
  4. Traveler Facilitation Centers: We are setting up centers in universities across Pakistan to assist travelers and promote tourism education.

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Overcoming Challenges

Building a travel-tech startup in Pakistan has not been without its challenges. From navigating regulatory frameworks to developing a robust digital infrastructure, we faced numerous hurdles. However, our determination and the support from NIC Islamabad enabled us to achieve significant milestones, including successful collaborations with local businesses and growing user engagement.

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TruMeets and WanderVision: Building Awareness, Engagement, and Leads

To foster collaboration and drive innovation, we are scheduling regular meetups called ‘TruMeets’ and launching a podcast named ‘WanderVision.’ These initiatives are designed to establish awareness, engagement, and lead generation within the travel and tourism industry.

TruMeets are our regular meetups where industry stakeholders gather to discuss pressing issues, share insights, and explore potential collaborations. These meetups provide a platform for networking, learning, and innovation. By bringing together diverse voices from the travel industry, TruMeets aim to create a strong community focused on solving common challenges and leveraging digital solutions for growth. These events are crucial for building awareness about TrulyPakistan’s mission and services, fostering engagement among industry players, and generating leads for future partnerships.

WanderVision is our upcoming podcast series featuring in-depth conversations with key industry stakeholders. Through this platform, we aim to delve into the most pressing issues facing the travel and tourism sector, from regulatory challenges to technological advancements. WanderVision will not only provide valuable insights and trends but also highlight success stories and best practices. By offering a rich content experience, the podcast will engage listeners, build awareness about TrulyPakistan’s initiatives, and attract potential partners and clients looking for innovative digital solutions.

Looking Ahead

The future for TrulyPakistan is bright. Our plans include:

  • Enhancing AI Capabilities: We aim to further refine our AI algorithms to deliver even more personalized travel experiences.
  • Expanding Partnerships: Strengthening relationships with local businesses and tourism stakeholders to broaden our service offerings.
  • Global Outreach: Promoting Pakistan as a premier travel destination on international platforms to attract tourists from around the world.


Our journey from NIC Islamabad to becoming a leader in travel tech is a testament to our dedication and the incredible support we’ve received. We are excited about the future and are committed to making a lasting impact on Pakistan’s tourism industry. Join us in exploring the beauty of Pakistan with TrulyPakistan.

For more insights, watch our journey unfold here.

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