The Best Places to Find Hot Chocolate in Pakistan

Hot chocolate is the favorite cuisine/drink for many people and everyone loves to have it without any compromise. Some of the best cafes in Pakistan are offering yummy hot chocolate drinks as well.

First of all, chocolate lovers, this one’s going out for your peeps. Overall, you adore chocolates?? Obviously, who doesn’t!!! All things considered, they are the most scrumptiously “charming” food on the planet. I am calling chocolates “charming” in light of the fact that it is heartily cherished by all the cutest living creatures. Furthermore, I think, people look “cute” while eating chocolates! Yes, they do!! OK so, how about we get to the heart of the matter; Do you wish to taste your beloved chocolate with a heavenly savor? I am here to show you best places to have Hot Chocolate in Pakistan. This will surely take you to chocolate heaven!! Yes, truly, they are damn so mouthwatering!!


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Geting Hot Chocolate at Butler’s Chocolate Café

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Butlers Cafe – Hot Chocolate in Karachi – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: Butlers Chocolates


Most noteworthy, this place is having Big LCD Screen hanging on the walls of the café Butler’s Chocolate Factory. Moreover, it is organized properly with seating arrangements. Furthermore, I mean the whole area has separate areas defined for Smokers and Non-Smoker customers. Mouthwatering and hygienic food and sandwiches are served at the cafe. This makes this cafe the best hangout place for all friends and family to have some great coffee and chit-chat. However, one drawback is that they don’t have a proper car parking area but still no safety issues have been found. So, overall best place for hot chocolate? YES… most of all, people love to eat Chocolate!

Hot Chocolate at Magnum Pakistan

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Hot Chocolate at Magnum Pakistan

Picture Credits: Magnum Pakistan


Perhaps, if you have sheer love for chocolate then you cannot miss this place. They are offering a variety of Hot Choco Drinks. Furthermore, Magnum Pakistan has two more categories under the hot chocolate range. Mocha Indulgence also called Hot Coffee and Crème De Cocoa, is known as Hot Chocolate. Finally, there are other magnum chocolate drinks too. All of them are to die for simply.

Hot Chocolate at Café Acacia

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Hot Chocolate at Cafe Acacia

Picture Credits: Café Acacia Lahore


A full and broad range Cafeteria offering food in all zones from sandwiches to some yummy hot chocolate. Everything is served hot, so enjoy every bit of each variety. The place is located in a posh area of Lahore, DHA.

Espresso in Karachi & Lahore

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Hot Chocolate – Espresso – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: The Espresso Coffee


This place is mainly known for its coffee but yes they also serve very good hot chocolate. Having luscious places to sit by and relax, Espresso has made its name in the coffee world.

Gloria Jeans in Islamabad

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Gloria Jeans – Hot Chocolate – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: Gloria Jeans Centaurus – Islamabad


This is categorized as one of the world’s biggest coffee chains. It is functional in 9 cities across Pakistan. All sorts of facilities including car parking, Wi-Fi, and outdoor seating are available for all sorts of customers.

Smoothie Factory in Lahore

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Hot Chocolate at Smoothie Factory – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: Smoothie Factory


A popular place for providing customers with the best smoothies of real fruits and fresh shakes. Smoothie Factory claims to use no artificial flavors and it is healthy nutrition-wise. It has many chains spread all over the world and has gained fame. They are a center of excellence in itself by focusing on its values and quality.

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar

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Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: Chocolate Bar NY

Hot Chocolate in Pakistan Price Range

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar is a New York-based chain based in the USA. It has opened 22 premium bars in Pakistan all across the country. they are participating effectively in delivering hot chocolate in all their cafes. Their menu is full of pastries, iced teas, and hot chocolates in its full range. You will rather love visiting this cafe in your city.

Finally, how are you feeling?? Enticed?? Therefore, the best thing for you is to visit any of the mentioned cafes in Pakistan above and order the yummy Hot Chocolate that they offer!! Hence, the above are only six of those most noteworthy tremendous accumulations that I adore the most. in conclusion, You should experience the world-class assortments of hot chocolates they offer and get yourself sweet satisfaction.

Based on the research, the price range for hot chocolates in Karachi varies significantly, showcasing the diversity of offerings from various cafes and eateries. For example, at Basic, Mexican Hot Chocolate is priced at Rs. 350, providing a unique flavor with a touch of cinnamon and heat. Bingsu offers a Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Fluff at Rs. 400, known for its richness and unique marshmallow topping.

For those looking for more variety, FLOC offers hot chocolates starting from Rs. 500, with flavors like Salted Caramel and Lotus, among others​. Test Kitchen By Okra provides a homely vibe hot chocolate at Rs. 410 + tax, known for its simple yet satisfying taste. Coco9 adds a bit of drama to its hot chocolate, priced at Rs. 575, with its presentation of marshmallow fluff and crackers.

Moreover, upscale options are available, like at UpTop, where hot chocolates with unique flavors such as Orange Marmalade and Lotus Biscoff are priced at Rs. 600 + tax.

Caffe Praha offers a lighter option with their Praha’s Special Hot Chocolate at Rs. 495, catering to those who prefer a less intense chocolate flavor. Lastly, Butler’s Chocolate Cafe, known as one of the pioneers in serving high-quality hot chocolate, offers its Dark Signature Hot Chocolate at Rs. 590 + tax.

In comparison, McDonald’s Pakistan, a fast-food chain, offers a more standardized hot chocolate at a starting price of Rs. 565, which is accessible at their various locations across the country.

This diverse range in pricing reflects the various factors that can influence the cost of hot chocolate in Karachi, including the quality of ingredients, the brand’s reputation, and the location of the café or restaurant. It’s essential to consider these factors when evaluating the price range of hot chocolate offerings in Pakistan.

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Powder Price in Pakistan

Cadbury hot chocolate powder can be purchased from various online stores, including, which offers a range of Cadbury hot chocolate products. The prices for Cadbury Drinking Chocolate on vary, with options like a 250g jar priced at approximately Rs. 1,350, and larger sizes like a 500g tin going for around Rs. 1,849. There’s also a variety of other Cadbury products available, such as Cadbury BournVita Drinking Chocolate Powder, with a 200g pack priced at about Rs. 1,089​​​​.

Hot Chocolate Powder Prices in Pakistan - TrulyPakistan
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Hot Chocolate Powder Prices in Pakistan – TrulyPakistan

For the most current prices and packaging options, it’s best to check the specific product listings on as they can vary and might offer discounts or deals at different times.


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