The Khewra Salt Range: Pakistan’s Subterranean Treasure

Nestled in the heart of Pakistan's Punjab province, a mystical wonder lies beneath the earth's surface: the Khewra Salt Range. This geological marvel, renowned as one of the world's oldest and second-largest salt mines, unveils a subterranean realm of captivating beauty and history.

  1. The Hidden Gem:

Beneath the picturesque Salt Range, approximately 160 kilometers from Islamabad and 260 kilometers from Lahore, lies the Khewra Salt Mine. It’s a hidden gem that beckons explorers and salt enthusiasts from far and wide.

  1. Ancient Origin:

Eons ago, as ancient seas evaporated, the Khewra Salt Mine was born. Salt crystallized over the millennia, forming the awe-inspiring layers of this underground wonder, preserving a snapshot of Earth’s history.

  1. Salt Sculptures and Artistry:

As you venture deeper into the mine’s enigmatic depths, you’ll encounter salt sculptures of astounding intricacy. From statues to chandeliers and even a mosque constructed entirely from salt bricks, the mine showcases the artistry born of time, pressure, and human ingenuity.

  1. Salt’s Therapeutic Touch:

Visitors flock to Khewra for the therapeutic embrace of salt-laden air. The mine’s microclimate, enriched with salt particles, is believed to alleviate respiratory woes, making it a haven for health seekers.

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  1. Journey into the Earth:

Khewra Salt Mine beckons explorers on guided tours that delve deep into its heart. Venture through a labyrinth of underground chambers and winding tunnels, revealing the mine’s geological history, the salt extraction process, and the secrets held within the rock.

  1. Subterranean Salt Lakes:

The mine conceals a mesmerizing world, where underground salt lakes glimmer in the dim light. These natural formations, shimmering like pools of liquid crystal, cast an enchanting glow throughout the cavernous chambers.

  1. Cultural Echoes:

Beyond its geological significance, the Khewra Salt Mine holds a unique place in Pakistan’s cultural heritage. It stands as a testament to human persistence and reverence for the earth’s hidden treasures.


Visiting Khewra Salt Range is like embarking on a journey into the Earth’s past, where the mineral veins of time and nature intertwine to craft a subterranean masterpiece. Here, you’ll uncover the profound beauty of salt formations, the warmth of human craftsmanship, and the legacy of Pakistan’s geological and cultural history. It’s a treasure trove, both literal and metaphorical, waiting to be explored and celebrated.

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