How to Feast in Islamabad on PKR 1000 Budget

Let’s find out the best ways to feast in Islamabad having only PKR 1000 in your pocket! Everything requires effort and money, especially when you have to work on a low budget. Let us make things easier for you. We ensure that you can have a fun time with just PKR 1000 rupees and eat to your heart’s content.

If you’re a student then your pockets don’t usually allow you to have expensive food from top restaurants but don’t worry, we’ve got you. There are many places in Islamabad that provide exquisite food offers at the most affordable prices and now, you can spend your money without having any stress.

Whenever you have to hang out with friends on weekends or after school/college for a treat, we all try to be very conscious regarding the amount we need to spend, here it all ends! We have carried out a survey that will help you identify where you should go to tantalize your taste buds with the most mouth-watering food ever!

Feast in Islamabad at CHAAYE KHANA

Whenever your mom cooks you the same old omelet with boring ingredients and French toast, don’t you wish you were somewhere else? At Chaaye Khana, you will be reminded that the French toast we grew up eating was not the real deal. That can be fixed by having Chaaye Khana’s French toast with a steaming cup of tea, it’s the best thing you can have to start your day.

Chaaye Khana - Islamabad - TrulyPakistan
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In the picture: Chaaye Khana in Islamabad – TrulyPakistan – Feast in Islamabad under PKR 1000 Series

A thick slice of toast dripping with cream that satisfies all your cravings. With this amazing toast, try the mushroom omelet which has a thick, creamy mushroom sauce on crispy bread with sausages which will cost you around PKR 700-800.

Here it is on the Maps:

Feast in Islamabad at BISMILLAH KULCHA HOUSE

After a hectic day at work, school, or college you would prefer to have a desi lunch with Naan, Bismillah Kulcha House will surely take the stress of your busy day away from you on the first bite. At any time of the day, morning or night, you can visit it and have a good amount of lavish food at very minimal cost while also saving time.

Bismillah Kulcha House - TrulyPakistan
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Bismillah Tikka and Chargha House – TrulyPakistan: Feast in Islamabad under PKR 1000 Series

If you haven’t tried the Boneless Chicken Karahi with naan for lunch, then this tikka house has everything you might wish to eat. You can find the best, tasteful desi food with satisfying spices when you head over here. You can dine on all kinds of chicken, be it karahi or tikka, and indulge in all kinds of cold drinks, all in under PKR 1000.

Here it is on the Maps:

Feast in Islamabad at DAINTY FAST FOOD

Everyone goes for fast food to save some time during their lunch breaks or for a quick takeaway at night for dinner. Not only does Dainty Fast Food have the most delicious fast food items, but it also has Chinese food and a yummy salad bar at the corner inside their establishment.

Dainty Fast Food - TrulyPakistan
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Dainty Fast Food in F8 Markaz, Islamabad – TrulyPakistan – Feast in Islamabad under PKR 1000 Series

You can sit inside with family and friends, spend quality time with standardized food. Whenever you get a chance to visit this place try their chicken Manchurian, it’s actually very yummilicious.

Here it is on the Maps:

Feast in Islamabad at BOOM BOOM ROLL PARATHA

As the name suggests, Boom Boom Roll Paratha makes your heart go boom, with the best roll parathas in town. Their Roll Parathas are so big that you might not be able to finish it in one sitting unless you have got a big appetite or a friend with you to finish it.

Boom Boom Roll Paratha - TrulyPakistan
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Boom Boom Roll Paratha – TrulyPakistan – Feast in Islamabad under PKR 1000 Series

You can go through different types of roll parathas with or without cheese, spicy or non-spicy, small, and jumbo. Moreover, top it off with Shah-Jee’s soda which is next to the stall of BBRP. You’ll have the perfect meal just under rupees 500.

Here it is on the Maps:

Feast in Islamabad at NEW YORKER PIZZA

To all the pizza lovers, do you ever think about where you would be without pizza? The pizza at New Yorker Pizza is the most comfortable finger food ever! It has the best slice of heaven loaded with cheese, vegetables, and meat. This place gives us the freedom to customize our slice with any kind of topping we could want.

New Yorker Pizza - TrulyPakistan
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New Yorker Pizza – TrulyPakistan – Feast in Islamabad under PKR 1000 Series

Their pizza slices are very big, where one slice can be the same as the size of a small pizza (up to 4 inches). The Long Island Slice along with a fizzy drink costs 430Rs, making it a good, heart-warming meal, leaving you with a full belly and some change to spare.

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Feast in Islamabad at SAVOUR FOODS

I have been to Savour Foods, Islamabad many times. They serve the best Pulao (A rice dish in Pakistan/India) in town, and it is very cheap. Every time, I have visited them, the restaurant was crowded with people who love their Pulao. The steaming rice dish is paired with kebabs and a yummy raita to give you a full meal. Their service is just OK, but the taste is great. With the addition of Savour Krispo (fried chicken and burgers), the restaurant has evolved its menu to give you affordable, soul-sustaining food, without being too hard on your pockets.

Savour Foods - TrulyPakistan
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Savour Foods – TrulyPakistan – Feast in Islamabad under PKR 1000 Series

Here it is on the Maps:

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