One Million+ Tourists Visited Northern Areas This Season

Tourists have really packed their bags and headed north. Growth of 25% in Travel and Tourism in Northern Areas of Pakistan witnessed during the current season, says the official.

ISLAMABAD: An official from PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation), Mukhtar Ali updated about Tourism in Pakistan. He told TrulyPakistan that more than One Million Tourists nationwide and also from overseas visited the Northern Areas of Pakistan during the current season.


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Travelers in Pakistan – TrulyPakistan | In the picture: Female travelers on the rough road in northern areas of Pakistan

Picture Credits: Lost with Purpose

“The growth in tourists visiting these areas increased by 25%. This increase is in comparison with previous year’s stats. The main reason for the increase is due to providing better tourism procedures and facilities by the authorities. Also, improved law and order situation in those areas helped travelers reach and explore destinations,” he said.

Pakistan is blessed with natural beauty. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for adventure tourism for tourists. In addition to this, the region has the world’s greatest and highest mountains which are a great attraction. The country has the distinction of having five peaks above eight thousand meters each, including the second loftiest mountain, Karakoram-2, also known as K-2 in the Himalayan range.

Also, another major attraction for Adventure Tourists is that Pakistan has the most significant glaciers on the globe well off the polar region. This offers incredible views and attractions for travelers and adventurers.


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Travelers in Pakistan – TrulyPakistan | In the picture: Glimpse of a Glacier in Pakistan

Picture Credits: Concordia Expeditions Pakistan

The manager revealed that the PTDC planned to further streamline facilities for travelers in various destinations and was in consultations with provinces to devise a joint strategy to improve the tourism sector in Pakistan.

It is obviously a good sign that the folks are visiting tourist points and areas without security concerns. Especially Naran, Ayubia, Swat, Gilgit, and Skardu have seen a major chunk of tourists.

Responding to a question, he said the PTDC has a chain of 39 motels and 3 restaurants. All of them are providing the best facilities to tourists. “We are providing international-level boarding and resort facilities,” Ali added.

TrulyPakistan’s Take on Tourists and Travelers

TrulyPakistan believes that Pakistan has great potential in the travel and Tourism industry for tourists. Furthermore, the authorities focus on improving the currently available facilities equally for national and international travelers and adventurers.

This article first appeared in The Express Tribune, on August 6th, 2016.
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